martes, 28 de marzo de 2017


  • When do you use the internet?
  • I use the internet sometimes to surf the web, chat with friend. And you?
  • I never use the internet.
  • Why don´t you use the internet?
  • My parents don´t want.

  • When do you listen to music?
  • I listen to music when i do my homework. And you?
  • I listen to music when I do sport and my homework, too. What type of music do you listen to?
  • I listen reggaeton. And you?
  • I listen heavy.

  • Witch do you favourite sport?
  • My favourite sport is tennis. And you?
  • My favourite sport is football, I play tennis three times a week. And you?
  • I play tennis twice a week

  • What your favourite food?
  • My favourite food is pizza. And you?
  • My favourite foos is pizza, too. I eat pizza twicw a week. And you?
  • I eat pizza three times a week

  • When do you play tennis?
  • I play tennis whan I go to Malago. And you?
  • I never play tennis
  • Why doesn´t play tennis?
  • Because I don´t like it

  • What is your favourite colour?
  • My facourite colour is black. And you?
  • My favourite colour is ligh blue, because I don´t like the dark color
  • I love dark colour but, I don´t like ligh colour.

  • What is your favourite grouo of music?
  • My favourite group fo music I think Metallica
  • Oh, it is fantastic
  • And yours?
  • My favourite grouo is Nirvana

  • When do you draw?
  • I draw at the weekends sometimes. And you?
  • Me too. Your colour them?
  • Yes, I like it

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