martes, 30 de mayo de 2017


  1. Don´t be late for class
  2. Walk into the classroom in a cilivized way
  3. You musn´t drin or eat in the classroom
  4. Ask a permission to speak
  5. Look after the material
  6. Do your homework
  7. Work in silence
  8. Keep the class tidy
  9. Pay attetion to the teacher
  10. Participate in class


Football is a fun sport for children and adults. You can play it on a football pitch. You use soccer boots and a soccer ball. There are 11 person in each team. You must hit the soccer ball in the goal. You shouldn´t score in your own goal. Try to get the most goals. You get 3 points if you win a match and you get a point if you tie the game. You win when you get more goals than the other team.